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With all of the IT support providers available today, how can you be sure that you choose the right one?

Here are seven solid reasons why Venture Tech Consulting is the best choice:

1. We’re EXTREMELY responsive

We know that few things are more frustrating than having a computer problem and not being able to get ahold of your computer consultant quickly.  If you contact us by phone or email, we will respond to you in 30 minutes or less, every single time.

2. We fix it FAST

When you have a computer problem, business productivity can be hindered.  You don’t have days to wait for a solution.  You shouldn’t have to wait hours for one. With VTC, provided that the computer is remotely accessible, the issue will be worked on within one hour of you reporting the problem.

3. We fix it right… the FIRST time

Have you ever had a problem recur over and over again, even though your consultant says it’s fixed, or received an enormous bill for all of the times he tried, unsuccessfully, to fix it?  With VTC, we’ll get the problem fixed the first time, and if by chance we don’t and the problem reoccurs within 30 days, we’ll continue to work on the issue at no charge until it’s permanently resolved.

4. You’re ALWAYS Protected

We don’t just check your network when an issue arises or according to a random schedule.  At VTC, we will be in constant communication with your network and every member of our team will be alerted instantly if even the smallest problem occurs, allowing us to jump into action immediately.

5. We’re COMPLETELY Transparent

You’ll be given access to the On-Point 24/7 Protection Tool™ that we’re using to monitor your network. You’ll also be able to receive the same instant notifications that we get whenever a problem occurs. If there’s a problem on your network, you’ll know about it. If we do not promptly address a problem, you’ll know that as well.

6. Absolutely NO surprise costs

Our billing is primarily flat-fee based. If service is required that is not included in your flat rate, your authorization is required before we begin any billable work. If we’re working on a project for you that falls outside of your flat-rate maintenance plan, we will provide you with a fixed price proposal, cap it there, and guarantee it. With VTC, you will never be billed for a single hour that you have not completely aware of and have authorized.

7. We Provide COMPLETE Reporting

A lot goes on “behind the scenes” when monitoring or supporting your network. At VTC, we’ll keep you completely informed of absolutely everything IT related through our regular and comprehensive reporting. You’ll get to-the-minute, web-accessible inventory reports, daily and weekly Network Health Status reports, and instant email alerts for any issues arising on the network. You’ll also receive web access to service reporting and detailed monthly service reports of all work provided over the last 30 days. We’ll give you as much information about your network as you want, and maybe even more than you know what to do with.


Venture Tech Consulting GUARANTEES:

✔ 30 Minute Return Call

If you contact us by phone or email, we promise to respond to you in 30 minutes or less…or your next billable hour is free.


✔ One Hour Remote Service

As long as we can remotely access the computer that’s experiencing difficulties, we will begin working on the issue within one hour of you reporting the problem…or your next billable hour is free.


✔ 30-Day “Fix-it-the-First-Time”

We’ll get the problem fixed the first time. If the problem reoccurs within 30 days, we’ll continue to work on it at no charge until it’s permanently resolved.


We’ll give you a full 30 day free trial of our full suite of services so you can decide for yourself if we’re a good match for your business needs!

Contact us for details!

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Client Success Stories
We most appreciate that Rand and staff is proactive and helping us move our business forward with the support of appropriate technology.  Since we are a small business, the daily monitoring of equipment gives us peace of mind.  When there is a problem it is quickly resolved and it is not a patchwork fix, rather, a complete problem resolution.

Stephen and Rhonda Macdonald
Guadalupe Hardware Company